Wind Band: Heritage Series

Bandleader Publications continue to expand their highly popular “Heritage Series” which features outstanding works for Wind Band, in all grades, by contemporary British composers and arrangers. These works have been carefully selected to represent the very best in British Wind Band music and to reflect the musical heritage associated with the movement in the United Kingdom.
Diamond Jubilee Tribute (Concert Band & Choir) (Brian Robert Knowles) Diamond Jubilee Tribute written for Concert Band & Choir to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
GRADE: med/diff. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3038.

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IMPERIAL MARCH (Elgar, arr. David Marshall) This is an elegant march from the pen of an elegant composer, expertly arranged as a concert march by David Marshall.
GRADE: 4. DURATION: 4 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3036.

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MANNANAN (Paul Dunderdale) A terrific concert suite for Symphonic Wind Band from Paul Dunderdale, a new composer from the Isle of Man,. With reminiscences of Gustav Holst, Paul has woven Manx folksongs into this exciting piece.
GRADE: 4+. DURATION: 9 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3037.

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CONCERTO FOR BASS TROMBONE (Ian Mitchell) This is a major addition to the limited Wind Band repertoire for Bass Trombone. Highly accessible yet still challenging and rewarding.

THE KNIGHTS TEMPLARS (Terry Trower) Specially commissioned for the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall. This major work evocatively paints a picture of the enormous struggles of the Knights Templars during the Crusades.
GRADE: 5+. DURATION: 11 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3033.

VAST THE HORIZONS (Simon Haw) This is the first major work from Simon Haw and is a highly evocative Concert Overture, full of vitality, grandeur and energy.
GRADE: 5. DURATION: 7½ minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3034.

THE HIGH SEAS (Chris Thorp) This is an excellent symphonic Wind Band work from Chris Thorp. A highly descriptive and challenging work that will delight audiences and enthuse your musicians.
GRADE: 5. DURATION: 11 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3035.

CYGNUS (Stuart Stirling) A stunning symphonic work in three contrasting movements and premiered at the 1988 BASBWE conference.
GRADE: 5. DURATION: 11½ minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3001.

FLIGHT OF THE TEES (Gordon Langford) An excellent concert fantasy depicting the journey of the River Tees from its source through to the North Sea.
GRADE: 4. DURATION: 8 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3002.

STREETS OF LONDON (Bill MacGillivray) A concert suite in five movements, each vividly describing famous streets around London.
GRADE: 3+. DURATION: 18 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3003.

FANTASY FOR OBOE & BAND (Robert Ely) A welcome addition to the Oboist's repertoire. A challenging yet rewarding work, full of musical vigour and lyricism.
GRADE: 4+. DURATION: 7 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3004.

HURONIA (Stuart Stirling) Piano & Band An exciting concertante for Piano and Symphonic Wind Band. It will undoubtedly challenge both soloist and band!
GRADE: 5. DURATION: 7½ minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3005.

AIR & VARIATIONS (Robert Ely) Organ & Band A stunning original work for Organ and Symphonic Wind Band. A marvellous addition to the repertoire.
GRADE: 5. DURATION: 11 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3006.

CALEDONIA (Michael Short) A superb concert suite in three movements by Michael Short. Full of rhythmic vitality and Scottish bravura!!
GRADE: 4+. DURATION: 10 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3007.

STONEHENGE (Michael Short) A powerful symphonic study depicting the aura and mystique of this famous ancient monument in South West England.
GRADE: 4. DURATION: 4½ minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3008.

MAKING TRACKS (Michael Short) A symphonic suite in 3 movements: "Revving Up"; "Under the Night Sky"; and "On Patrol". A quality wind band work.
GRADE: 4. DURATION: 13½ minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3009.

THE THREE PERILS OF MAN (Bruce Fraser) A stunning concert fantasy for symphonic wind band by Bruce Fraser. "The three perils of man being 'War, Women & Witchcraft'".
GRADE: 5. DURATION: 17 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3010.

TIME CHANGES (Roger May) As the title suggests, pulsating irregular rhythms and atmospheric sounds make this symphonic study a real test for your musicians. "Time Changes" was premiered at the 1995 BASBWE conference.
GRADE: 4+. DURATION: 9 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3011.

CONCERTO FOR TUBA (Robert Ely) A substantial work in three contrasting movements. Although technically demanding, the concerto is still highly accessible and recommended repertoire for the adventurous soloist.
GRADE: 4+. DURATION: 10 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3012.

OUR FIGHTING SHIPS (arr. Michael Short) A marvellous concert fantasy, featuring traditional folk-song and sea- shanties which tell of the splendour of the great sailing ships of the British Navy.
GRADE: 4+. DURATION: 13 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3013.

THE PERFECT FOOL (Gustav Holst, arr. Michael Short) The ballet music to the opera, superbly arranged by one of the UK's leading writers on Holst and his music. It depicts the incantations of the Wizard as he calls upon the spirits of Earth, Water and Fire.
GRADE: 5. DURATION: 10 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3015.

SEVEN STEPS TO HEAVEN (Michael Short) A suite of immense proportions. 7 stunning movements, each one totally unique and a real test of musicianship for all your performers, yet still worthy of inclusion in your concerts.
GRADE: 5. DURATION: 21 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3016.

EXCALIBUR (Bruce Fraser) A majestic symphonic suite which portrays the adventures of the young Arthur and his companion and mentor, the wizard Merlin.
GRADE: 3+. DURATION: 10 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3017.

ROGUES' GALLERY (David Redston) A great concert suite in 3 movements, each describing one of three of England's most legendary rogues! The three movements are: 'Dick Turpin',' Maggie May', and 'Sweeny Todd'.
GRADE: 4. DURATION: 11 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3018.

THE DANCES OF PUCK (Samuel Becker) A super new work which was specially commissioned by a consortium of school and county Wind Bands in the Southeast of England.
GRADE: 4. DURATION: 5½ minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3019.

A CORNISH OVERTURE (David Harris) An exciting concert overture, full of atmosphere & vitality, premiered at the 1997 BASBWE Conference. Ideal concert repertoire.
GRADE: 4. DURATION: 6 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3020.

TOCCATA (Robert Prizeman, arr. Rodney Bashford) The famous TV Theme from the BBC series 'Songs of Praise' expertly arranged by Rodney Bashford for Symphonic Wind Band.
GRADE: 4. DURATION: 5 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3021.

KENTISH FIRE (Michael Short) Commissioned by the Maidstone Youth Wind Orchestra, "Kentish Fire" reflects the energy & enthusiasm of these young musicians.
GRADE: 4. DURATION: 7 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3022.

THE THREE TOWERS SUITE (Roger May) A majestic suite commissioned by The Taunton Concert Band. It takes as its inspiration the three churches whose towers are prominent behind the pavilion of the County Cricket Ground in Taunton.
GRADE: 3+. DURATION: 10 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3023.

FIRST LIGHT (Peter Brydon) A powerful work describing the first day of battle: the shadows of night recede, bugles sound reveille & everyone prepares for battle. The first shell explodes & the conflict ensues creating heroes and widows.
GRADE: 4+. DURATION: 7 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3024.

SONATA ON THE 94th PSALM (Ruebke arr. C. Allen) A towering work, expertly arranged for symphonic wind band by Chris Allen. Originally written for organ by Julius Ruebke, Liszt's star pupil who tragically died at 24, it has been transformed into a masterly work for band. Essential repertoire for all symphonic wind bands.
GRADE: 5+. DURATION: 12½ minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3026.

NIGHTMARES & DREAMS (Peter Brydon) The second major work by the exciting new young composer, Peter Brydon. Following on from the success of his first composition "First" "Light", "Nightmares & Dreams" vividly describes the surreal thoughts" and emotions the mind conjures up when asleep!
GRADE: 4+. DURATION: 5 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3027.

LAMENTATIONS OF ACHILLES (Samuel Becker) This exciting new work portrays the mythical Greek warrior Achilles and his battles with the Trojans. His closest friend Patroclus is killed in battle and the music displays the emotions Achilles feels, from a deep sense of loss and anguish, through to anger and hate.
GRADE: 5. DURATION: 9 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3028.

REQUIEM FOR SYMPHONIC BAND (Robert Ely) A truly exceptional work for symphonic wind band. This major new work consists of twelve movements, some of which can be programmed as individual concert items.
GRADE: 5+. DURATION: 28 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3029.

STELLAR (Chris Allen) Stellar is a highly charged symphonic study full of brooding emotion, atmosphere and imagination. It depicts the dark emptiness of space, the brilliance of the brightest star and the ferocious explosions on the surface of the sun. A spectacular celestial concert.
GRADE: 5. DURATION: 9 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3030.

A MUSICAL MIRROR (Michael Short) Subtitled "A Renaissance Suite", this major new work by the much respected wind band composer, Michael Short, is an elegant yet demanding work full of rich tone colours and rhythmic vitality.
GRADE: 4+. DURATION: 9 minutes. CATALOGUE NO.: BPW3031.

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