Presenting the Pipes!

A unique and exclusive series featuring superb new and traditional melodies, expertly composed and arranged for Bagpipes with Wind Band accompaniment by some of the most popular writers of Bagpipe music in the UK. The popularity of this series has grown tremendously over the last few years and is now sold worldwide. The series now also includes arrangements for Brass Bands and some with orchestral accompaniment!

Piper Plus One!

By popular demand, a new series from Bandleader Publications featuring traditional and original music for Solo Pipes with Keyboard accompaniment. Each accompaniment can be played by either keyboards, piano or organ and many feature a second optional solo part which can be performed by almost any instrument, from Flute, to Violin to even Trumpet.

The Piper's Collections

Bandleader Publications constantly endeavours to produce top quality music and in this section we offer music 'purely for Pipers'. The collections contain superb new music and traditional settings, professionally composed and arranged by some of the UK's finest Pipers and musicians.

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