Wind Band

Concert Sounds!

An exciting series for the smaller yet ambitious Wind Band. The level of difficulty throughout the series is graded 1 - 3, with all exposed parts cross-cued. Each work is carefully chosen to provide a realistic challenge for all performers and yet still offer music suitable for inclusion in all types of concerts

Symphonic Sounds!

A superb series of challenging music for the more accomplished Wind Band, featuring compositions which require a higher degree of proficiency and consequently graded 4 – 6. Each work is carefully chosen so that they can be performed by both Concert Bands and Symphonic Wind Bands.

Heritage Series

Bandleader Publications continue to expand their highly popular "Heritage Series" which features outstanding works for Wind Band, in all grades, by contemporary British composers and arrangers. These works have been carefully selected to represent the very best in British Wind Band music and to reflect the musical heritage associated with the movement in the United Kingdom.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection

This unique and exclusive series highlights some of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's most popular music, not only from his musicals but also his more serious compositions. Expertly arranged for Wind Band, in all grades, these works are worthy of inclusion in any of your concerts.

Music on the March!

A unique and exclusive series of rousing marches for Wind Band, ideal for 'on parade' or as concert features. Each title is carefully chosen to reflect the heritage of the great British march and Bandleader Publications are extremely proud that many of these marches have become official regimental marches of the British Armed Forces. All marches are supplied with full conductor's score, a full set of instrumental parts plus European transposed parts.

The Christmas Collection

A new series from Bandleader Publications, featuring original compositions and unique arrangements of music for Wind Band for performance during the festive season. Each work has been carefully selected to be enjoyed by both your musicians and your audiences!

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